Globo Incanto Epoca Decorative 4W (30W) 320 Lumen 2700K E27

Merk: Century Artikelnummer: INVDG95042727 EAN nummer: 9090171009552

Globo Incanto Epoca Decorative 4W (30W) 320 Lumen 2700K E27

Nedis Number: INVDG95-042727 Origineelnummer leverancier: INVDG95-042727
EAN nummer: 9090171009552
Incanto Decorative lamps are ideal for impressive lighting.
Their special spiral filament makes the rooms magical.

Homogeneous lighting
Thanks to the 360 ° light diffusion angle you can illuminate all the spaces of the room reducing shadows.

Perfect for a relaxing atmosphere
Ideal for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.
The warm white color temperature favors a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for an application in bars, restaurants, hotels and for domestic use in the living room or bedroom.

Effect lighting
The Incanto Decorative lamps are used in the creation of beautiful appliques or suspensions with a retro style and are very appreciated by the public because they create a warm and welcoming lighting environment.
Thanks to these bulbs it is possible to create effect lighting using only bulbs.
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IP-codering IP20
Maximale stroomverbruik 4 W
Kleurweergave-index (Ra) 80
Energieklasse A+
Fitting E27
Lichtkleur Warm Wit
Dimbaar Nee
Ingangsvoltage 220 - 240 VAC
Type verpakking Gift Box
Kleur Goud
Stralingshoek 360 °
Lamp stijl Retrostijl
Technologie Filament LED
Vermogensfactor 0.5
Diameter bulb 95 mm
Wattage 4 W
Gewicht 57 g
Aantal lampen in verpakking 1 Stuks
Nominale levensduur lamp 25000 u
Kleurtemperatuur 2700 K
Lampvorm Globe
Bereik omgevingstemperatuur -10 - 40 °C
Equivalent wattage 30 W
Frequentie 50/60 Hz
Stroomsterkte drive 23 mA
Nominale lichtstroom 320 lm
Hoogte bulb 143 mm

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