Back to the office

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, the times of working from home full time are almost over and we are slowly moving back to the office. Although the coronavirus situation seems to be getting under control, it is still important to keep track of the air we breathe in. Especially in small closed-off office spaces, where the air ventilation is usually poor. When you sit next to your colleagues, you inevitably breathe in the same air, but that's not a problem as long as this air is purified.

The importance of clean air

An average adult breathes in and out more than 10,000 litres of air every day. Mostly polluted to a greater or lesser extent, for example by combustion engines or by pollen or dust from the outside. The higher the air pollution, the more unhealthy the indoor air. People with pre-existing conditions and children are particularly sensitive. By the way, the risk of contracting asthma at an older age rises with increasing fine dust concentration.

Indoor pollution in the office

When you exhale, it increases possible virus concentrations (like the coronavirus) in the indoor air. Evaporation from wall paints, furniture, carpets, cleaning agents or cosmetic products can also influence the air. This means that indoor pollution is often many times higher than outside. If the air at your work place is not clean - because there is a lot of traffic around the office or pollen is flying - air purifiers and air-conditioning systems with appropriate filter technology are an effective measure.

All you need is...
air purifiers from Nedis®

The Nedis® air purifiers provide you with the clean air you need. This air purifier works with a HEPA filter, removing up to 99.99% of all particles of 0.3 micrometre or bigger, which includes pollen and dust mite. This means less dust and you will also suffer much less from allergies. To maximise the effect, the air purifier also integrates an ionisator. This ensures that dirt and dust particles fall to the floor instead of floating freely through the air that you breathe, so you and your colleagues can enjoy extra clean air while being at work. It also removes odours and bad smells. This air purifier is perfect for basically any space up to 25 m2. For bigger office spaces, check out the air purifier for spaces up to 45 m2.

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