Smoke detectors save lives

Fire prevention has been a hot topic lately, and with good reason. It is very important to have working smoke detectors in the right places in your home and to maintain them properly. From July 2022, smoke alarms are even obligated in every building. Below you will find all the information you need to make your home more fireproof.

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How to choose the right smoke detector

There are many different smoke detectors on the market, with different battery life and lifespan, from 1 to 10 years. According to fire prevention organisations, it is recommended to purchase a smoke detector with a 10-year battery and 10-year lifespan. The Nedis smoke detectors below make sure you won't have to replace the battery of the smoke alarm for the next 10 years!

Carbon Monoxide: The silent killer

It is not only important to protect your home from smoke or fire, another factor for caution is carbon monoxide. You won’t taste, smell or see carbon monoxide but it can kill quickly without warning. It's a colourless, odourless gas that can be poisonous to humans. When carbon based fuels do not burn properly, poisonous excess CO is produced and it will prevent the blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. 

CO can be emitted from not properly functioning gas cooking and heating appliances, such as boilers, fire and solid fuel and oil combustion. In particular faulty or unvented equipment using carbon based fuels and blocked vents may present a risk. According to CO poisoning cases reported to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), CO comes mainly from the indoor use of barbeque grills (20%) and combustion engines (11%). The emission of CO from burning barbeque coal often increases with time: when the coal is no longer in flames and cools down, it emits large amounts of highly lethal CO.

Where to install your home prevention

It is wise to install at least one fire alarm on each floor of the house. In the picture on the right, it is clearly demonstrated where it is recommended to place a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector, where you could optionally place it and where not to place it. 

There are several places where it is better not to install smoke detectors: near a fan or vent, in a draughty place or above the heating. In these places, the airflow prevents smoke particles from reaching the smoke detector, so you will not be warned, or will be warned too late.

Which place in the room to install a smoke detector

Because smoke always rises, it is important to hang the smoke detector on the ceiling. This is the place where the smoke detector can give the fastest alarm in case of a fire. Hang the detector in the middle of the ceiling at least 61 centimetres from a wall or corner. In addition, hang your smoke detector at least 30 centimetres from a lamp. The smoke detector can become contaminated by dust from a lamp. Do not position it above air conditioning and always consult the user manual of the smoke detector before hanging it up.

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From July 2022, smoke detectors will be obligated in every building. Make sure your home is protected against fire and odourless gas!


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