Smart home products you need this summer

Each season may require different home appliances. With the smart home category this is not an exception. To make summer your even more comfortable, we have listed the smart home products you definitely need upcoming summer.


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Easily set the right temperature

Without a temperature reduction in your office, living room or bedroom it could simply be impossible to bear. Certainly not during the long heat periods in the summer. These Nedis® SmartLife cooling products are the best solution for real hot summer days and nights and prevent sleepless nights and sweating behind your desk. 

Open and close curtains automatically and remotely

Another way to make sure the temperature doesn't get too high inside, is by using a smart curtain controller. Open and close your electric curtains, shutters and sunshades from your smartphone, tablet or with any home voice control devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It can also be set to operate when other Nedis® SmartLife are switched on and off, so your curtains close when a light is switched on, for example.

SmartLife Radiator Control

Simply replace your existing radiator knob with this Smart Radiator Control and the built-in self-learning thermostat opens and closes the radiator as far as needed to keep the room at the desired temperature.

After installing it in the Nedis SmartLife app (using a Nedis Zigbee Gateway: WIFIZBxxx). You are able to set up a schedule to plan when the radiator needs to heat up a room. Make a weekly or a daily schedule, or just use your smart phone to set the temperature, wherever you are.

By combining it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa you can simply use your voice to change the target temperature in the room. Or set scenes in the Nedis SmartLife application that can be activated with a single push of a button, or by a single Siri/Google/Alexa command.

Receive a notification when a door or window is left open

This smart sensor will recognize whether your door or window is opened or closed and sends this information to your Nedis SmartLife application. To do this, a Nedis Zigbee gateway is required. This enables you to do many different things automatically, such as notifying you when someone is in your house or send you a reminder when a door or window is left open. By combining this sensor with other products in the Nedis SmartLife application, you can trigger any additional Nedis SmartLife product on opening a door (e.g. light, smart plug or siren) or switch off a heater or air conditioner when the door is open.

Get your garden smart for summer

Smart home products are not only for inside use. You can even make your entire garden smart! Ideal for when you're on holiday and you don't want to stress about watering your plants, turning off outside lights or simply make your garden look better.

Smart lighting to fool unwanted visitors

By remotely turning on a light inside your home, you can create the impression to the outside world that you are at home while you're actually not. This way, you keep unwanted visitors away from your property. You can also control the hue and brightness of the lightbulbs.

Smart & Safe with Nedis Security & Safety

If you really want your home to be protected from unwanted visitors, the best option is to arrange security cameras in and around the house. This does not only make you and your family feel safe, burglars will be scared away when they see one hanging outside. These easy to use SmartLife cameras can be simply connected to your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor the areas of your house and record any sound or motion. Check out all of our security cameras.

For every season, discover a wide and ever-expanding range of products - such as bulbs, switches, sockets, sensors and cameras - that can all be controlled through an easy-to-use intuitive app. 


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